Dining Hall Red Thai Curry

We bought a 4 oz jar of red Thai curry paste for a recipe about 6 months ago, but only used about a tablespoon of it, so we made this recipe to use up the rest of the paste.  It was…mediocre.  We wanted to make it vegetarian, so we skipped adding the chicken, and maybe that made it taste so boring, but seriously just look at the title of this post to really understand what I thought of this recipe.  Ugh.  It had that kind of lifeless flavor you truly understand if your college’s dining hall was stocked by Sysco.  Thus, I have very little to say about it.


Final Thoughts

This was an easy recipe to make.  Simply chop the veggies, saute them in the pot for a bit, simmer with some coconut milk, badabing, badaboom.  Curry.  I put this together alone, and it took less than an hour, which was nice.  No special techniques, no special implements.  The only thing I think is a little difficult (for me, at least) is telling when the potatoes are done enough.  Ease of making: 2/10

Was this recipe tasty…well, a little.  It might have had more flavor if we had used a full jar of the curry paste, but I don’t think that would have added more “fullness” of flavor.  Maybe it was the lack of chicken that made this so boring.  That being said, it didn’t taste bad, it just wasn’t very flavorful.  Some additional spices might have helped, too – maybe some lemongrass or Thai basil.  Yum factor: 4/10

I’m definitely planning to make this again, but with meat.  I’d like to try using duck to see if that helps the flavor – my husband and I both really enjoy duck, and I found out recently that my cheapo grocery store carries duck.  Yay!


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