Autumn Harvest Pizza in February

Apples are pretty great.  I lived in Ithaca, NY for several years, and there are a LOT of apple orchards in the area - so many, in fact, that they host Apple Fest in downtown Ithaca every fall.  Apple pie, apple ice cream, apple fritters, apple cider...they've got it all.  Not to mention fudge.  I … Continue reading Autumn Harvest Pizza in February


Pho to Gho is somehow a thing

I love pho.  I love it so much, I actually know how to pronounce it (like phuh as in "what the fuuuu" as opposed to phoe as in "foe").  There's just something about picking up pho takeout and getting home and all the pieces are arranged so nicely in that Styrofoam container...sigh... As you can … Continue reading Pho to Gho is somehow a thing